Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Welcome to Ancient Greek Pottery web site.

Here you will be able to browse among a variety of items and a number of different artistic periods of ancient Greece. These periods are considered to be of the most important in pottery art.

Our personal love an interest for Ancient Greek Art, together with our longstanding experience in the field of painting for more than 60 years, guarantee the excellent result of our work. We co-operate with the best Greek potters in order to guarantee the creation of an excellent pot. Then It is our turn to transform this pot in a work of art.

In our own premises we work individually with every piece and we follow as close as possible the ancient Greek procedures for painting and decoration of each item. What you will finally receive is a unique piece of art, which will proudly stand in your collection.


You may contact us for any query, information or even special construction you may need. We would be happy to satisfy any wish you may have.


Choose from a great variety of archaic hand-made pots, the one that meets your taste.


On Ancient Greek Pottery website you may enjoy your purchases with safety