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  • How are your vases made?
    How are your vases made?

    Our vases are NOT fastly made kitsch replicas, nor are they cheaply made of substitute materials such as resin. We stick to the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and use only top quality ceramics and paints. Every piece is a stunning work of art, an amazing replica of an actual historic vessel from a museum or other collection created between 4,00-2,200 years ago. Every piece is individually hand thrown terracotta, hand-shaped, and hand-painted in exquisite detail in Greece and signed by a professional master reproduction artist which masters the art of the ancient Greek pottery. The whole process is made by hand (like in ancient times) using only top quality raw materials. We respectfully preserve the sensitivity and the dignity of ancient pieces while guaranteeing the quality and the accuracy of all the pieces we reproduce. We offer the following types of ancient Greek vases and plates: Red Figure Vases, Black Figure Vases, White Ground Vases, Geometric Vases, Minoan Cretan Vases, Mycenaean Cycladic and Corinthian Vases. We also offer almost 30 different shapes of vases and plates.

  • Can the vases be used for storing drinks and food?
    Can the vases be used for storing drinks and food?

    No, these items are strictly for decorative purposes only.

  • How much will shipping and handling be?
    How much will shipping and handling be?

    We base our shipping and handling rates on the actual weight and dimensions of the items you select (this cost also includes the packaging). The shopping cart will calculate the shipping amount when you are ready to make the purchase - this applies to customers from Greece only. For our customers outside Greece, the shipping and handling charge varies from country to country.

  • How long does it take for delivery?
    How long does it take for delivery?

    We manufacture your vase in strict rotation as orders arrive. Please note that the vases are made by our master artisan in Greece, and painted in our privately owned factory. We aim to deliver the complete product to the end customer in 30-45 days from the time of receiving the order.

  • Why buy an ancient Greek Vase?
    Why buy an ancient Greek Vase?

    The ancient Greek vases are remarkably beautiful artifacts. They come in all different sizes and shapes, and are adorned with beautiful paintings, some of them masterpieces or ancient art, created by the greatest masters of antiquity such as Euphronios and Exekias. We carry hundreds of ancient Greek vases reproductions within our THEMES and strive to add more to our selection. However, there are so many in the museums around the world (Louvre, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Athens, Kreta, etc) that it is impossible to reproduce them. In the pictures below you can see our ancient Greek vase reproduction process.

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